How To Make Your Own Bralette In 8 Easy Steps

I’ve been loving the strappy crop top look at the minute, especially paired with a good pair of mom jeans! So I’ve come up with an easy and simple DIY tutorial for you all.



  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Material
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Tailor’s chalk or pen


  1. Cut out the cup templates from ironed material (lining as well as the outer material). You can print this out to scale, I’ve attached the cup template for you to make life easier.

cup template.pdf

2. Sew the two pieces together inside out, leaving a small unsewn gap to turn it the right way round. Then iron so flat and easier for next step.20170714_124645

3. Sew these 4 pieces and then pair the left sides up and pin them so the two curved edges are together. Do this to both so you end up with two of this ↓


Sewing is messy I know… I’m not a professional clearly.



4. Next cut a body piece from your patterned material as well as your lining material. Measure using a tape measure around your ribs and waist as this is where the band will sit as well as measuring how far down (wide) you want it to be. Pin and sew these pieces together inside out leaving enough unsewn to turn the right way around and then sew this gap up once the right way round.


5. Next, pin the cups to the body strip and sew, I made mine overlap just because I like this look and otherwise they would have shown too much cleavage, but you could have it so they just meet at the centre of the band.


You’re nearly done! All that’s left now is the straps (unless you want it strapless?) and a back.

6. For the back, I simply sewed two long thin pieces of the same material+lining to the sides like so ↓

I added some lace for cute detail, again not the neatest sewing but as long as it works right?

7. The last thing is the straps (unless you want to add any details but more on that in a second). I got stuck on this for a while and tried many different ways. The best way came from cutting a long thin piece of patterned and lining material, sewing it just like before then turning it the right way round. Then fold it lengths-ways and iron, pin and then sew along the folded edge.


When you’ve made two of these sew these onto the pointed top of the cups. There you go! This is what the back will look like ↓


Ignore my tan line.

8. Then to finish it off add some pretty details! This could be decorative buttons, lace, embroidery or ribbon!

Finished piece




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