Horoscopes; Forget the mysterious stranger and get on with your life


It is true that horoscopes bring hope to lots of the population in their dismal and desperate situations, or fuel a person’s positivity and if you want to believe in it, well it is a free country. However, at least realise that most of these predictions that you rule your life by are created by some young intern, not a cosmically-linked astrologist. For me the facts and logic outweighs the nice idea that every human being has their fate written out in the stars, as boring as that is.

Everyone will have read a horoscope and one point or another, hell even I have. Most of us will say that out of the many horoscopes we have read, there will be at least one thing that relates to our lives. We cling to this like a life raft when we are lost in the depths of our stormy lives. Yet, simultaneously we ignore the thousands of other scenarios that quite frankly are a load of rubbish and hang onto the vague possibility that our lives will playout like the horoscope because that would just be so much more exciting.

Unfortunately, this is exactly why so many people believe in them. The fact that they are so vague is the reason they work in so many different situations and feel personal to the thousands of individuals that read them. My uncle is a science teacher and one day he did Stagner’s experiment on his class. He printed out star signs and corresponding horoscopes handed them out to his students and they were all adamant that they related in some way to their life. Next, he printed out the horoscopes without any dates or signs on and told the class to pick the ones that they believed fitted best with their lives. In actual fact, every single one of those students was wrong, the words that they thought corresponded best with their sign were that of a completely other sign, a classic example of the Barnum effect.

Zodiac Signs designed and painted by Rowenna Hoskin
A good trick to test your belief is to read the other sign’s horoscopes and compare them to yours, fairly similar, aren’t they? If not identical in earlier publications. This is because there is only so many scenarios a horoscope writer can create, not like the boundless possibilities the stars could offer if they really did affect our lives.

If you want to carry on believing that in some way your fate is written in the stars, do, by all means. But like everything, do not believe in it blindly and tailor your life to fit it, if your sign says something you do not like… do not worry it is highly unlikely it will happen anyway. In my opinion, reading a horoscope is 100x better than believing it, have a quick look but do not read into them too much. After all, the foreseer of your future is probably sat in a tiny office right now with a coffee flicking through past editions of horoscopes, cutting and snipping lines from other signs earlier predictions to create a “new” and believable horoscope just for you. That is, just for the thousands of individuals that have the exact same sign as you so must have the same life.

If you still do not believe me, check out the article written by one of the alleged astrologists who in actual fact was simply there at the right time.


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