Bralette is the word

I’ve recently discovered this cute alternative and I have to say I love it. When I was trawling the internet shops in my breaks from revision I came across this, it reminded me of the many pins I have on  Pinterest of white bralettes under a cute overtop and of course I instantly though… “I gotta get me one of them” .


I could not find a white version for the life of me aside from on the (what I thought was) the American site that supplies Urban Outfitters and Asos with their products. I had a look and they literally have  15 different colours, I found the one I’d been searching for and then promptly realised that postage was going to be a nightmare. Being me, I did tonnes of research on reviews of Free People and found that though they were American, they have a UK base too and if you sign up to their newsletter you get free postage & packaging on your first order! I didn’t have too high hopes to be honest because there were loads of reviews saying that postage took weeks and sometimes they didn’t even get the right product,if at all… so when the package arrived just 7 days after I’d ordered I was definitely impressed. I would 100% recommend ‘Free People’ though expensive, it’s full of bohemian goodies. However postage & packaging is usually around £5, so definately take this into consideration as even this is 5-7 days.

In the end I decided to go with an ivory version of the bralette because I prefer off white to pure white and I think it highlights the deatail, though I was considering buying the ‘sienna’ or ‘copper’ one but thought considering the reviews I probably shouldn’t spend too much money if it was just going to be “lost in the post.”

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Galloon Ivory Bralette from Free People £18

Whats great about this particular bralette is that it’s a halterneck which I absolutely love, if a top or dress is halterneck it’s just perfect. Though it’s a pain bra wise as you must have a strapless bra which you have to keep hoiking up… not great. Whereas this bralette means that not only do you have support but the strap won’t necessarily show and if they do (depending on thickness of top’s straps) there’s just extra cute detail. On top of this, it has a clasp back which a lot of other bralettes don’t which I think is super important. 20170611_18385620170611_184433

To complete the look, I bought an oversized fisherman’s jumper from as I had this image in my mind and I have to say it’s exactly what I wanted!Picture1khvbucluj

I think Bralettes are just the best; they’re so comfortable and cute and in the summer (Beaches and Festivals dfor examplr) they can be worn without a shirt or jumper over the top as they are just gorgeous in themselves. You can get loads of different ones, there’s a good range of applique ones in Primark at the moment which I can see looking amazing under the sheer top that are all the range at the minute.

They’re definitely a summer essential.



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