Depop; The Trendy eBay

So, this is kind of ironic considering my last post on materialism and Depop is an online shop but hey it was my last online shop I’m going on a shopping ban from now on… I swear…

Depop is essentially a worldwide second-hand shop, huge amounts of gems thrown in amongst the crap. But similarly to charity shops even the crap is a gem to someone as the number of unique styles is limitless so really what you want to throw away may be the perfect piece to really compliment someone else’s wardrobe (it may help that the audience of Depop is mostly from 16 to 26-year-old girls so all the granny clothes are vaguely filtered out unlike charity shops!) It is full of vintage and preloved garments which you cannot get on the highstreets which in my opinion is the reason for its success. It seems to me that what’s in fashion now is being unique, no one ever likes wearing the same thing as someone else. I am 100% guilty of this, a girl bought and wore the same New Look jumper as me once and I made such a big deal out of it to my friends that it’s now a running joke. The issue is, highstreets shops have begun to catch on that vintage is making a comeback and are attempting to recreate this, ironic because they mass produce imitation vintage to the point where it’s just not vintage. This is where I think Depop comes in, it in full of unique pieces, often quite cheap too. some sellers sell homemade garments too which truly is unique. Not only does Depop allow people to express themselves with exclusive items but it is also helping the environment as it is recycling.

Despite all this… I was completely paranoid I would end up being cheated out of my money so being me I did days’ worth of procrastination from my studies  research to find a load of great sellers. Then I decided I was only going to buy something if I really wanted it, if I could see myself wearing it and what else I could wear it with. I ended up buying two very lovely (and oversized because I’m loving this look at the minute when paired with skinny jeans) from a seller named @hatslo who had around 450 5-star reviews! At first, I was only going to buy the Ben Sherman jumper but, being a good saleswoman she offered me free postage and packaging as well as a discounted second item. A green light popped up in my head, obviously I had to take her up on this offer despite the fact that postage was only £2.50 and the second jumper only went down to £14. Buy hey! I’d been looking for a jumper similar and I thought ‘what the heck!’. In other words, the internal compulsive shopper took over and before I knew it I was re-entering my bank details.

Not my photo, @hatslo
Not my photo, @hatslo

The one thing I would say was that you must have a PayPal account to use Depop. I didn’t, so with the first jumper I must have made a temporary account? I have no clue, I used a different bank card to the one I used for the second one as my card was declined for some reason (I had enough money in both but I have no clue). It allows you to make a PayPal account through Depop but I would definitely recommend making it on the actual site just to be safe.

The shipping was fast and everything was washed and freshly cleaned, this is down to the individual seller but if you’re planning to sell I recommend this because it is way more professional than just throwing the item in, smelling of smoke or dogs.

In conclusion, Depop is the new and trendy version of eBay and Amazon, definitely aimed at 16 to 26-year-old girls; 70% of its active users of 350,000 to 400,000 active users a day is from this target market says Simon Beckerman, the founder of the selling platform. It’s definitely worth a look but as with everything on the internet check and check again about the seller!


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