Get To Know Me


So, this is my very first post of my first proper blog. Over the years like most girls, I’ve started blogs about random things; photography, fashion, travel and probably most embarrassing of all… a blog all about my adventures in ‘animal crossing’ when I was about 10. I’ve always been interested in writing, from writing stories all the way through my childhood, to blogs and endless unfinished journals. However this time I’m sure it will be different, I’m sure I will succeed where I’ve always failed because you know, I’d like to think I’ve matured: ‘Dad glances over at the journals that have been stacked haphazardly in his already messy studio for about 10 years and rolls his eyes’.

My thoughts are that I am going to attempt to use this as a thought medium and a way to improve my article writing which is going to be incredibly necessary for university as I currently wish to study Journalism or English literature in the hopes of becoming a journalist.

I am currently 17 as I start this blog, I study English Literature, French and Biology at a Cornish sixth form and change my future plans every 10 minutes but that’s a blog post in itself. I am aware that blogging is one of those things that many people judge, and I am guilty in part to some of these judgements myself. Yet underneath all of these judgemental thoughts I always wonder how they have the nerve to make themselves easier to ridicule and as everyone knows teenagers are the worst for snide bitchy comments. This is my attempt at doing what I’ve been scared to do; step out of the norm slightly. No one will ever read this which comforts me greatly, but on the off-chance that any one does… please don’t hate, it’s taken quite a lot of guts for me to even think of starting this.

So, here we go. I hope your ready for this rambling mess that is my mind.


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